Supervision Groups

Cheryl offers the following group supervision:

Regular monthly online supervision groups of 2 hours duration.

These groups are for regular attendees who wish to be part of an ongoing group of core participants. This encourages group members to develop familiarity and a sense of safety, allowing honest sharing and feedback, providing greater opportunities for exploration, growth and development. Sessions are held online using ‘Zoom’ on:

  • Monday evenings

    7pm to 9pm

  • Wednesday Evenings

    7pm to 9pm

  • Cost

    $75 per session – deposit required.

Regular monthly face to face ‘Reflective Practice’ supervision groups of 3 hours duration.

This group has a focus on reflection, providing participants with opportunities to engage in reflective activities for self exploration to support both personal and professional development. There will also be opportunity for case consultation.

  • Cost

    $95 per session – deposit required.



Cheryl offers Counselling Supervision in Melbourne, Albert Park and Online.

Call Cheryl on 0421 281 050 for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to see whether Counselling Supervision is for you.