Apparently, the cost of the average wedding in Australia these days is $50,000. That’s a big financial investment, not to mention the emotional investment and significant commitment we are making.

We spend a lot of money and invest a huge amount of time and energy, organising and preparing for ‘the big day’, in order to make it a success. Given the commitment we are about to make, it makes sense to also invest some time and energy into preparing for the marriage itself, in order to make it a success.

Pre-marriage counselling engages couples in discussions and activities designed to help them build a solid foundation for a successful relationship.

Based on the work of John Gottman, pre-marriage counselling will address the following topics:

  • Knowing each other’s ‘Love Maps’ (What’s really important to your partner, their struggles and triumphs, worries and aspirations)

  • Nurturing fondness and admiration – appreciating each other

  • Turning towards each other – building the emotional bank account and having stress reducing conversations

  • Accepting your partner’s influence

  • Understanding conflict and how to resolve solvable problems

  • Understanding gridlock and how to move past it

  • Creating shared meaning

Both Lindy and Cheryl thoroughly enjoy their pre-marriage counselling sessions and are committed to making the sessions equally enjoyable for their couples.

So, when preparing for your big day, consider booking in for pre-marriage counselling as a way of investing in your relationship and your future together.



Lindy offers Pre-Marriage Counselling in Brighton.

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Cheryl offers Pre-Marriage Counselling in Albert Park.

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